About Coronavirus

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) continues to respond and shift accordingly to the Novel Coronavirus globally.  The virus, termed coronavirus, also is better known as COVID-19, which is the actual sickness that results from the infection. 

The CDC encourages cleaning of frequently high-touch surfaces such as counters, tabletops, doorknobs, light switches, phones, keyboards, tablets, kitchen/food area. water fountains, stair handrails, elevator cars, fitness equipment, & more.

Our approach to disinfecting your facility against the coronavirus.

The Cleaning Geeks, LLC (TCG) staff is ready to help you and your staff or office team by offering some of the best disinfecting methods in the market.


First upon entering your facility we will use a CDC approved and EPA registered disinfectant chemical by spraying it directly on to each frequently touched surface and frequently visited rooms or locations in your facility or office.  This chemical will on contact kill associated bacteria to the COVID-19 or SARS-2 virus and 99.9% known bacteria that may cause infection.  We will allow 3-5 minutes dwell time before we wipe down the facility or office using microfiber towels.


We then will use an industry leading electrostatic chemical sprayer system to disinfect every inch of your facility.  This sprayer system allows us to reach those hard to reach or high places ensuring your entire facility or office is disinfected. Additionally, each staff member of TCG will be dressed in full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). If you have had a staff member or customer with a suspected case or known case of the coronavirus within the past 48 hours visit your facility we ask that you let us know prior to our visit. This is to protect both you and the staff of TCG.

We currently have expanded our network of local distributors to ensure that we are using the latest disinfectant chemicals that kill the virus and protect your facility.


All of our chemicals are hospital-grade and CDC & EPA approved for use to kill and protect you and your friends or family from the virus.

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