Sanitizing Surfaces



The Cleaning Geeks, LLC is a licensed and insured cleaning, janitorial, and disinfecting company based in the Memphis, Tennessee area. We are a small business with a giant heart and workforce of dedicated professionals who specialize in various cleaning techniques. We have provided services in the Tennessee, Mississippi, & Arkansas areas since 2017. We are locally owned and believe that when our customers choose us they will feel like family and not just another client.  

How do we maintain high quality services with each and every visit? The answer is simple. We value our employees. We understand that if we treat our employees with the upmost respect, truly listen to their concerns and feedback, & provide competitive wages and training, they will reimburse us with hard work and dedication to the customers that we serve.

We offer customized cleaning services at The Cleaning Geeks, LLC. We understand that each office space or distribution center is different and with that in mind, we are excited to create a cleaning and disinfecting program. We are experts at cleaning and disinfecting and we apply proven processes & techniques to you ensure your facility is safe and infection free.  Whether a small healthcare facility, senior living facility, public or private business, school, etc. customers trust us to keep people safe and their facility clean. 


Our cleaning products are CDC approved. This gives our customers the comfort of knowing we are using the best and latest cleaning and disinfecting chemicals whenever we service their facility. Right now we understand that the world is living in challenging times and facing new norms and growing health risks, sanitizing, & bacteria-free facilities are top of mind to virtually everyone. 

If you are interested in learning more about how we can help you, please give us a call at 901-538-7113.